Friday, July 30, 2010

Nice Try

I once locked my keys in my apartment. My only option was to call a locksmith and hope that they could get my door open. I had never had to call a locksmith before, so I didn't really know what to expect--Not the amount of money it would cost, how long it would take, not anything.

After about an hour he showed up. He looked at my door and spent the next ten minutes telling me that it would probably be impossible to open my door, but he would try anyway. I felt like he was acting strange, but I wasn't really worried about it yet. After a little more complaining, and a longer explanation that made it sound like he was doing me a huge favor by even trying, he popped the door open in two seconds without even opening his toolbox.

I stood there amazed--not at his skill, but at the major lies he used to make it seem like he had a really hard job. I thought this even more when he asked me for $140. I told that him I couldn't (wouldn't) pay that, so he might as well lock me out again. After a little arguing back and forth about how shady this all felt, he settled for $30. $30!? that's quite a drop, my friend. He drove off back to Scottsdale, or wherever he was from, and I put my keys in my pocket.

Be wary of your local locksmith, they could be an inept swindler.

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