Thursday, July 29, 2010

College Fun

Scottsdale Arizona gets a bad wrap for being a crazy partying college town filled with hot dudes and killer babes. I say "bad wrap" because that is how everyone outside that area feels. You think those kids aren't having the best time of their lives? The best time. All they have to do is keep their GPAs above 2.0 and stay attractive.

Weight loss in this area is probably a huge industry. If those girls aren't skinny then none of the ripped party boys will stalk them--tragic. And likewise, if those buff guys don't have clearly visible abs then how will they get people to notice them during volleyball games? Sure, fast weight loss can be achieved through starvation and and other drastic means, but no one in college ever does that. They would also not revert to habit forming drugs that aid in weight loss and fun.

These kids are just having a good time. A little partying here and there never hurt anyone probably. Just let them have their strong, tan, drunk fun--they will grow out of it at some point. Then these young men can enter the corporate world as salesman, and the young women can finally become the wives of salesman. These children are the future, and they are looking really, really tan.

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