Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Competitive Partying

The world we live in is full of competition. We have events ranging in everything from The Olympics to hot dog eating contests. However, these are not the funniest and most entertaining competitions out there--the most entertaining are the battles that exist between musical ensembles all trying to be known as the best party band in the world.

Now this may not be as organized as most other sporting events, but have a little faith--going to an event that has any kind of dance or party band will entertain you all night. Just think of it: some older fellas giving it everything they have to keep rocking. They know that there are an infinite number of party bands out there, so every show they play needs to be a show that will boost their reputation even more. These bands need to be the hardest party-goers that exist in order to earn the title, but the more they party it's like you can actually see them getting closer to death.

So go see your local party band--yes you have a least one--and be ready for the night of your life. Watch them play all your favorite songs, but play close attention to that secret spirit of competition that lives within them all. You will be able to see that fear in their eyes if they start losing the crowd, and the pure joy that comes from having a handful of people dance to a favorite song. Long live bands that party.

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