Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fake Criminals

There might be a few of us out there who want to become criminals. I don't mean like bank robbers or something else difficult, but just someone who takes food from the grocery store when the line is too long, or nothing is on sale. That isn't exactly a crime that will destroy the fabric of society, but that is definitely not how the rest of the world sees it.

This is why criminal defense lawyers exist--maybe not strictly the "why", but it should be. People who are only criminals in a technical sense are not people who should prosecuted as if they are truly bad people, and thus they need to be defended by someone. From Los Angeles to Kansas City, people bend laws all the time and are the better for it. Whenever you see the police arresting a shoplifter don't you think, "Hey, did a murderer just cross the street?"

So if you feel like breaking the law a tiny bit, then you should go for it. A loaf of bread from Walmart? Get real, they won't even feel that. And if for some reason they see fit to take you down because of it then just call up a criminal defense lawyer and shake up the system. That's right, put everyone on trial--put the SYSTEM on trial.

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