Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Laws

Lawyers often have a bad wrap. This makes sense when a type of lawyer is compared with the rate of pay that they earn: A Prosecuting attorney makes a fraction of what a cutthroat corporate lawyer makes. And seriously, charging someone five hundred dollars just to read and explain a contract? Please just write it in standard English and be cool about it.

There are only a handful of practices that don't relish in taking money from people. Something like family law or an adoption attorney sound like professions that someone could perform and still sleep at night. However, family law could also involve someone who splits up a family and gives all the money to one side. But who knows? Most of us are just afraid of lawyers, so the best we can do is not think about it.

Let's just hope that family law practices around the country, from St Louis to San Luis Obispo, are as sweet and practical their title makes them sound. Maybe they are just around to enforce the basic rules of the home, like kids eating vegetables:
"But I don't like broccoli!"
"As your attorney, I advise you to eat at least two thirds of your serving--it's a family law."

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