Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Serious Art

What is college for anyway? No one speaks Latin anymore, and the business world is full of young entrepreneurs. It's all in the details. A big chunk of college students now study the internet, graphic design, and other things that will help build a successful website. The internet isn't going anywhere, so students might as well forget about writing Romantic Poetry and just learn how to make website features like shopping cart design.

Adapting to the job market is all a part of growing up. Oh, you wanted to be a singer? Doubt it. Just get into web business and make it easier on yourself now. The world only needs like ten singers at a time anyway, so unless you think that is a fair statistic maybe you should figure something else out. Designing a website may seem like a less fulfilling job than creating abstract-expressionist paintings, but it will always be a necessary field, and it will keep the bill collectors away.

Graphic design is considered an art-form these days anyway, so get out there and express yourself. Go create the best medical business website the world has ever seen. Maybe your novel will never get published, but at least you can blow everyone's minds with your impeccable HTML tags and scrolling texts. Change the world with your great eye for color schemes and other visually pleasing artifacts. See? Sounds just like any other style of art.

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