Monday, July 12, 2010

Biker Dreams

To all of my loyal readers out there: You thought I was out of things to say about buffalo leather jackets? guess again, easy readers. Those previous blogs were just warm-ups. Now I am ready to truly wax poetic on all the different kinds of leather jackets, and the men and women who so boldly wear them–no matter what non-bikers might say about them.

What goes on in the head of the average leather jacket wearing individual–specifically the biker? For one, he or she is probably thinking, “Dude, this leather jacket is keeping me crazy warm!” Too true, biker. But don’t forget, that jacket is also keeping you COOL. Is that still ironic? Doesn’t matter to a biker because they have everything they need--and that doesn't include the ins and outs of irony. The simple, leather pleasures in life are all that a biker needs to be happy and fulfilled.

The two most important aspects of being a biker are being really loud, and having the right kind of biker gear. If you have those two things, get ready to be accepted into any biker gang or bar around. It is the deep down dream of every American Citizen to be accepted into a community as tightly-knit as the average biker gang–now that we know how, all of our wildest dreams can finally come true.

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