Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Welcome to Atlanta

If there is one thing that the rest of the world knows about Atlanta, it's a place where the players play, and people party all night--sometimes everyday. This sounds like a lot of fun, but I bet that's pretty hard on their homes. Being an avid party-goer I am well aware of the dangers that come from partying like a player. Atlanta is just the beginning; parties are damaging homes all over the country.

The key to throwing a successful party is to not let your home stay destroyed. This will prevent you from having any other cool parties. What you need to find is a great home improvement service. I know what you're saying: "Guy, I don't need to get my home improved after a party." If your home isn't so destroyed that you need your roof repaired, and thus improved, then stop throwing parties; don't even set foot in Atlanta.

So feel free to get crazy. You can always find some window replacement company in the morning. Get out there and meet new people; when the workers are there fixing up your roof, invite them to the next party you have lined up. Maybe they will even give you a deal if the party is a great time. It's like the circle of life, only with partying and construction.

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