Monday, July 12, 2010

What's in a Fabric?

Riddle me this, Internet: why is it that only bikers get to wear leather? Last time I checked America was all about freedom, happiness, and tons of other awesome pursuits. So why is that leather can only be worn by specific groups and genres of people? The other day I found a sign that read Leather Biker Gear.” How unfair is that? Completely. I thought we were trying to get over discrimination in this country.

Leather can change people without even trying. For instance, take a guy in a band–he wears skinny jeans and fitted t-shirts, maybe even some plaid button-ups once in a while. However, if that same guy starts wearing a buffalo leather jacket he only has two musical options left: Metal or gutter punk. Even when guys in rock and roll bands wear leather jackets everyone knows it doesn’t belong--exception proves the rule.

I just wish I lived in a country where I could wear whatever fabric I please, and not be judged any differently for it. So what if I think leather jackets are cool, but I still want to be a lawyer? That should be encouraged. If I had to pick a lawyer to represent me, I would pick the rogue with the keen fashion sense in the leather jacket-–no second thought about it.

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