Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Natural Guilt

House painting is serious business. Would you paint your house hot pink? No way, and that is what makes it so serious. People tend to stick with earth tones for the color of their home, and there is good reason for that: guilt. Guilt drives a lot of what we do, so it makes sense that it would help us decide what color to paint our house as well.

We, as cool humans, are doing our best to obliterate nature. Even though it is really satisfying, we still feel pretty guilty about it. When we see an empty lot we can't help but feel bad that nothing is growing there. "I can't live here," you think to yourself, "Everything is dead." But then in comes your beautiful home that is several shades of brown. "Hey is that a house, or a bunch of trees!?" Doesn't matter--the important thing is that you feel better.

House painting that reflects nature is a great way to keep us from noticing the absence of nature. The goal of this blog is to start a movement in large cities, like Atlanta, where everyone paints their house as if it is a part of nature. Talk about going green--as in, let's talk about going green.

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