Friday, July 16, 2010

Never Grow Up

The older you get, the more time you have wasted your life being bored at work. How can you save your sanity and your once youthful outlook? just have fun at work. That sounds pretty easy, but it is actually way easier than it sounds. Just find a way to do something fun or creative everyday.

Even the ultra-bored grocery store clerk can find an escape at work. Maybe they could grab their Monarch price gun, complete with a variety of colored Monarch Labels, and make rainbow stripes as they price row after row of cans. Not only would this give the employee something to do, it will look attractive to the consumer, as well as keep that price gun in steady use.

Maybe load a second price gun like the Garvey and use the different colors to make interesting binary-themed pictures while pricing things out. This is more than enough to help the day at work fly by. Start a huge picture that will take weeks to finish, that way you will look forward to work everyday knowing that you have an important project to finish.

Editor's Note: This post is only a little sarcastic, because it really would be awesome if some price gun handler out there made pictures in grocery stores.

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