Thursday, July 29, 2010

This is my Job

Riddle me this: If you are a homosexual and you live in a community where it is not exacted the common lifestyle, how do you meet people who share your interests? The internet, duh. Find some awesome muscle chat website and have at it. Internet dating is pretty much accepted as commonly as tangible dating these days--unless it's gay online dating, that probably still isn't very accepted. Good one, society.

Either way join a website and have a nice gay chat with other hunks. At the very least you can breach the surface of forming a stronger gay community, as well as check out some decent pecs. Make you sure you take it a step further and meet in real life though--without that then there is no way to form a community and you will be stuck in the seventies just like Larry Kramer was afraid of.

Meeting a ripped significant other is something that everyone wants, regardless of any differences we have. You have got to take every chance possible at meeting someone--whether it's in the grocery store or in a gay chat room. Looking for love, or just for fun, do what you want and don't let The Man get you down--he has killed our collective buzz for long enough.

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