Monday, July 26, 2010

Secret Identity Partying

This isn't be the first time that this blog has made mention of how hard players play in Atlanta, and it will definitely not be the last. However, we need to examine partying from a more practical angle this time. One cannot expect to throw a raging party every night, but where could you possibly hope to keep all your chalices, streamers, party rugs, inflatable chairs, personalized kegs and so on when the party has ceased? You need a few storage units.

Having a storage unit gives you tons of advantages in the partying world. For one, people will think you are NOT a partier with a house devoid of party supplies, and then BOOM, party this weekend. It'll be like your house is a superhero with a secret identity. Then just when everyone is ready for your tricky game, give them a new address and they'll be like, "Whoa where is this place?" Then when they get there and realize they are partying in your storage unit it will all be clear and awesome.

Yes parties in storage units: the way of the future. It's easier to fill, and you won't even have to move any of your party gear. Welcome to Atlanta.

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