Thursday, July 15, 2010

Find a Firm Foundation

Please tell me what’s going on with the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Maybe someone should drop a line to Italy and tell them that they have a serious foundation problem. Too many tourists come to see Pisa every year, so Italy probably has no actual desire to fix it. Well let that tower be a lesson to everyone: foundation problems do not fix themselves.

The Tower has been leaning and tilting more and more over the years, and one day it will fall over–no more pictures of tourists pretending to hold it up; what a sad day that will be. The same thing will happen to your house if you are not careful. Foundation repair should to take place right away if your home is to be saved. Concrete repair can be done with helical repair systems and house bolting–it is still possible to save a home even if a tilt or slide has already begun in just a few easy steps.

Cracks, shifts, and other problems can arise in any home if the foundation is faulty or aged. Be aware of these problems so that you aren’t stuck with a collapsing pile of rubble instead of a beautiful home. We don’t have leaning towers in any of our major cities; The buildings in a place like Los Angeles are perfectly straight. It’s because we are careful about the problems that can arise from our foundations.

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