Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Kitten Stuff

Hospitals are pretty depressing places. The only place more depressing is the funeral home, but the hospital is only a step away from that. Is there a way to make it a more enjoyable place--make it cuter perhaps? Welcome to the Animal Hospital: The cutest place the world has to offer.

Perhaps the animal hospital isn't that cute. Think about it: Are tons of animals together in one place cute even they are sick? In reality no, but in my head YES. All I can picture is a bunch of kittens with thermometers in their mouths and ice-bags on their heads. A few baby panda nurses are crawling through the hallways with little hats on. Puppy doctors performing open-heart surgery on a dolph--whoa, too real. But still, the idea is there, and it is beautiful.

Whether you live in Los Angeles or Appleton, pay a visit to your local animal hospital and have your day brightened--not like the stupid real hospital where no baby animals are allowed. Get real. Little animals need to be cured of terminal illnesses just as mush as any other creature, and they also need to be cured in ways that are just as cute as they are. Let's see it, science.


  1. Next time one of my internal organs explodes (see summer 2009), I want to go to the cute animal hospital. I'll even wear some form of animal ears if it gets me there instead of the ugly human hospital.

  2. Seriously, why is there even a human hospital? I am going to puke.