Monday, July 19, 2010

Star Wars, Architecturally Speaking

In the Star Wars universe there are two things that strike any viewer: there are a lot of lasers, and there is really great architecture. The combination of these two things is most likely what caused their different societies to advance as far as they have. One has to wonder what kinds of machines they use for creating buildings. After all, even their swords are made of lasers.

Just putting “laser” in front of any construction machine makes it sound like it’s from the future. “Oh, this old thing? It’s just my laser excavator. It helps me make a perfect hole and shoot down star ships—no big deal.” What a great combination of machines. Even something as boring and simple as grading can be made into a futuristic event with the laser grader. The future means lasers, and lasers mean that everything will work better and look cooler.

So go watch the Star Wars films one more time and see how many lasers you can spot in each movie. After that, count the places where there are no lasers and could be. Finally, make that machine in the real world and put the laser on it—this way you won’t get sued by the Lucas people. This is just one of many million dollar ideas to come from this blog.

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