Friday, July 2, 2010

Dog Beds. I Know.

There are certain people out there who feel the need to pretend that their dog or pet is a child. I do not mean that they literally believe the dog is a human, but instead they love and fawn over the animal as if it could ever matter as much as a person. That is not to say that people shouldn't care for their pets, but no one needs to buy outfits, crazy specific toys, or jewelry for their dog. All that little pup needs is food, a place to sleep, and some attention.

any kind of pet bed is good enough for your animal to sleep on--animals are not picky, no matter how much the crazy pet lovers think they are. I once had a roommate who bought some kind of really obnoxious Paris Hilton dog. The dog would always relieve itself in the same corner of our kitchen. To "fix this problem my roommate put a specialized, and very expensive, kind of dog-potty mat in the spot so the dog could go on that. "Guess what?" I asked him on day, "This is a kitchen." Needless to say I moved out a few weeks later.

So just get your dog some healthy food and a decent bed. Make sure that thing is either washable or waterproof, though. Dogs don't even care about getting stuff dirty or wet; it's their life. And remember, getting a little personalized with items for your pet is ok, but just don't get too carried away. A dog is an animal, not a a replacement (or a babysitter) for your kids.

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