Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just one More

So you are a gay person living in a straight world. It can be a scary thing, and you might not be ready to embrace who you really are. If the world is making you terrified of being gay, but you still want to meet hunks in an impersonal way there is hope: muscle chat. That's right, you can easily find an online gay chat website and let your true colors fly--but not really, because you are too scared to be true to yourself.

It's ok to be scared--the world is pretty against you, and that is wildly unfair. But rather than trying to form or join certain thriving homosexual communities, just hide behind your webcam and check out some decent abs. If you are just looking to meet some sexy dudes, then just stick with that. By staying home and lurking with people online, the rights that you deserve will probably just show up at your door one day.

But really try this: Log into a gay chat website and talk about some of the different gay literature that is out there. Talk about the importance of Toni Kushner's plays and why it's important that he is writing about the connection of AIDS with the deterioration of the world, as a whole, and not just the homosexual community. Just make sure you're doing something, while you're doing nothing.

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