Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bummer Heat

With Summer hitting its brutal peak, my apartment is getting harder and harder to cool off. Not to mention that when winter comes, I will also be without heat. Why did I decide to live in such an accommodating place? For the exposed brick, of course. Just kidding. But really, I need to call the heating and air people to see if they can do something about it.

I have been trying to find a new place to live, but every other place in my city is just as stupid. I would either have to share a room, get married, or be a girl to get a decent apartment or house. The system is clearly not designed for me. Heating and air are only a few of the issues that keep me out of my place all day, but the picture is painted well enough to prevent any further detail. Sure I recently posted on here about how great my plumbing works, but that can only carry me so far--plus if my plumbing wasn't working I would be like, "Is this for real?"

Maybe I have just outgrown this place and my air conditioning problems are a gentle sign letting me know. Maybe I should just move back to San Diego, bleach my hair, start a noise band and see where the wind takes me. I will make a list of all the different lives that I could start and see which one makes the most sense--Southern CA rock and roll star is only one option of many. Great.

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