Friday, July 30, 2010

Assisting Life

I know why the term "assisted living" exists--it's a much nicer way of describing a nursing home, or something like it. The term also implies that the people going there will still be "living" and thus not "dead," but it will still take a little assistance. I get it--it's little nicer. But doesn't it seem a little too broad?

The other day I went swimming and had a really good time, my friend came with me and compounded the fun. By helping me have a better time were we both participating in assisted living? Sounds like it. Does it sound like we were also taking part in "nursing home?" Not at all. This distinction in terms is something that's used to imply two things at once. It creates the feeling of, "I know this thing is not what I want, but I guess it doesn't sound as bad as I thought." No Grandpa! You can have assisted living with us!

Of course sometimes you really just need to put the elderly people in your life away somewhere. Maybe even send them to a different city, like Phoenix. Just as long as they are far enough away to create a good excuse for a lack of visitation. After all, when we get old, isn't that what we want done to us?

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