Friday, July 16, 2010

The Old Man? Please.

Remember The Old Man and the Sea? In the story an old man sets out to prove how great he is by capturing a massive marlin. However, after he catches it sharks eat it on the way back to the beach--only the skeleton is left. What the Old Man didn't realize was that he should have just booked some fishing charters, and gone out with some other fisherman on spring break.

Being unprepared is not something you want to deal with when you're fishing on the open ocean. The Old Man should have at least downloaded some fishing reports before he set out. Fishing charters take care of that for you! But you know, I guess the Old Man just didn't want a lot of bulk in boat--more of a minimal approach. However, he should have realized that sometimes you need some of the other details to have a successful trip. More importantly, he should have learned that you don't need to be a solo man to have a great time.

Fishing tips are an old man's best friend, so instead of trying to battle the ocean all alone, hire a big boat and a tough captain to take you out to the best spots. All you have to do is bring a tough rod and your weathered muscles--show Mother Nature you can do whatever you want. Find a spot off Mexico or sunny Pensacola Florida to strike for the fish that prove you are still a man's man.

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