Monday, July 19, 2010

Price Gunner

When someone says, "Take pride in your work," what do they actually mean? If someone has a good job, then they will obviously take pride in their work without having to be told as much. Thus, what is really being said is this: “If you don't have the greatest job, it’s still better than nothing.” A job can appear to be pointless, but if it really was then you wouldn't be getting paid to do it.

There are always ways to be proud of your work, even if you are something like a lowly price gun clerk. Make the job more personal to you; maybe get your own price gun like the Monarch 1110. Keep that bad boy on your belt as you stroll into work every morning. Shoot out those monarch labels at a break-neck speed. Developing the skills (or in this case, skill) that your job requires is a great way to get noticed, and maybe get promoted to something better. Doesn't seem so pointless now does it? No way.

Take pride in your work. Labeling items may not seem as important as other jobs, but think about all the people you are helping. What if you label something that is now on sale? You just helped a poor family save a little extra money. You and that Garvey price gun are making all the difference to those people. Make your mark, even if it is just a little sticker that says “$1.99″

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