Friday, July 16, 2010

The Exchange of Power

It has long been known that those who are in power make the rules, and the benefits of those rules and laws reflect the interests only of those who make them. In the same way that The Declaration of Independence Reflected wealthy landowners--while it completely ignored women, slaves, indentured servants, and those who did not own land because they were not there at its conception--grocery store prices reflect those who are in charge of the market as a whole.

It is time for a revolution in the grocery store. What will be the guns we use to get this war off the ground? Price guns of course. Let the Monarch 1110 be your revolutionary musket, and the Garvey price gun your standard issue revolver. Place new price labels on each can of food as if each tag is battle you have won, and the flag is raised into the air as it reads "$0.99."

Power lies in numbers. This applies to us as a mass of people in a hidden class, but also to the literal numbers that are on the price tags--as our numbers rise, prices will lower. Arm yourself like a grocery store clerk and Get your monarch 1131 ready for a battle that will change history.

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