Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Earth Says Hello

You know what's beautiful? The Earth and its children. By "Earth's children," I am obviously talking about beautiful gems and stones. As people who live on this planet, it is up to us to familiarize ourselves with our surroundings and appreciate their beauty. Get out there and find the rocks that have the most aesthetic value for you, as an individual.

Everyone already loves gold and diamonds--old news. have you ever seen fire opal or oregon sunstone? Neither have I, but they sound pretty impressive and they are probably exquisite. Not knowing what these stones look like really breaks my heart--I could just run an image search on them, but what if I want to see these things in a tangible way? It's time we hit the trails of this country and adopted some of the Earth's children.

The only way these opals and sunstones can be discovered in their natural form is to find them in nature. The store? No way--I don't want my first view of fire opal to be of its changed and shaped form. Gross. I just know that there is an oregon sunstone out there with my name on it, and one day I will find it. Somewhere out in the mountains, caves, forests, or wherever it is that stones grow out of the Earth, that is where I will find my own personal precious stone. I can't wait.

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  1. This blog post has changed my life. I've spent all the years of my life wondering what fire opal looks like and now you've motivated me to go on an adventure to find my own oregon sunstone that's out there waiting for me. Thank you so much!