Friday, July 30, 2010

Chanandelar Bong

I didn't really watch the show Friends when it was on, but I think I saw enough of it to write some new episodes and try to bring it back.

So first off we find Chandler and Joey destitute; it's been a few years since we last saw them, and a lot has apparently happened (plus no one else on that show was funny, so they don't need to be around right now). They live in an apartment together, and are discussing how they could possibly make rent this month. While wallowing in their disgusting surrounds Joey notices the dirty carpet and exclaims that they should start a carpet cleaning business. Chandler then exclaims, "Could this carpet BE more helpful and ripe with inspiration!?" Big laugh. Scene.

Basically after that their carpet cleaning service is a huge success despite numerous hilarious problems like flooding a house with soap, or an old rich lady thinking Joey is cute or something--doesn't matter, these things write themselves.

If the network won't buy this, then I can write in something about going to clean a house and all their old friends (That's the show!) and that monkey live there--and the chicken/duck. Problem solved. For the record I wrote this in ten minutes, which is ten times longer than it takes to write the average sitcom episode.

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