Friday, July 2, 2010

Party like a Princess

My mother and one of my sisters both went through beauty school and came out clean on the other side. It is their opinion that they are now able to enjoy the spa treatment more than the average person, much like a writer enjoys a great book, or a director loves a good movie--all of them are harder to impress, but when it happens it's big time. My family members aren't always thrilled with there spa experience, so maybe the key to winning over the true salon connoisseur is with originality.

Some spas feature extra amenities like hypnotherapy. That is not a joke--not a joke in the sense that it might be a lie, but rather in the sense that no one at the spa will force you to act like a chicken when they snap their fingers. What could feel better then getting a tan and getting your brain massaged at the same time? There is probably no way to answer that question.

Something else my family is big on are princesses. There are a lot of little, and big, girls in my family who are fascinated with the idea of becoming, being, or even knowing princesses. There are rumors out there that certain spas having something called a princess spa party. That can only mean one thing--a spa party... with a princess? Fine, it can mean more than one thing, but no matter what it will be a party at a spa with some kind of princess motif in the works.

Start trying to seek out the best spa experience out there. Incredible spas with original ideas are near, they just need to be found!

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