Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rich Veins

Does anyone out there know how gross getting varicose veins fixed used to be? It was horrid. They would basically pull out the old veins like worms out of the dirt; spaghetti being slurped off a plate; wiring being ripped of the wall. Disgusting. I have a hard time believing that anyone could ever want smooth legs so badly that they would still want them after hearing about the procedure. Oh, you want to literally pull out some of my necessary blood tubing just so that I'm not self-conscious in my shorts? Yeah, that sounds like a fair deal.

Spider veins don't really seem that big of a deal--especially when considering the methods that were used to remove them; just live with it. However, doctors like Chris Brennig have since started using much more humane methods for fixing veins. Now they just run a chemical through you that shuts down the offending veins. That still sounds a bit harsh, but it's definitely better than the alternative--unless the alternative is just keeping your varicose veins as they are.

Varicose veins aren't detrimental to your health or anything. Actually they show that, over the course of your lifetime, your veins have adjusted to fit your work ethic--they should be a badge of honor. Oh, I just remembered that working isn't a badge of honor, being rich enough to not have to work is--my mistake. Well if you want to look rich just call up some kind of vein treatment center and then hit the beach!

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  1. Yes, yes the old methods of removing them DO sound EXTREMELY horrifying & I must say, I don't think I enjoy wearing shorts enough for all that!! However I would probably be willing to try the new methods if my legs were to get bad enough. If you are interested in having yours done, you could always contact Dr Chris Brennig at Austin Vein Institute