Monday, July 12, 2010

The Mystic Biker

The American biker is a creature that has been carefully studied--and misunderstood--by many fields of science over the years. Their habits, traditions, and rituals may seem strange to us, but that does not mean they are any less beautiful or exciting than any other naturally occurring event. They come out of hiding when the snows melt, donned in specific buffalo leather biker gear, and hit the road.

The rituals of the the biker are definitely strange. The idea of sitting on half a car that is ten times as loud as normal does not seem like the best way to attract any kind of positive attention. But so it goes, year after year--louder and louder. They grow out unkempt beards and let stains develop on those once pristine buffalo leather jackets. Don't worry, this is just the way of the biker–strange to us, but really, who are we to judge these mystical beasts?

The biker’s natural habitat is the open road, and ironically the more real natural habitats are destroyed, the more habitats are created for the biking community. Life truly is a beautiful circle in which all creatures have a place. They fly down the road like a violent flock of monster birds, just looking for another bar to roost at for the night. If you ever see any of these leather creatures out in the day time, be sure to snap a few pictures at one of our country’s most misunderstood oddities.

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