Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Get with the Times

This blogs needs some more predictions of the future. In fact, I am predicting right now that, in the very near future, this blog will have a post about a trend that is going to happen some time soon. Guess what? You're already reading it--you're welcome. So what is going to change? Here it is:

First off, are people still driving cars? You can do better than that. Things are always getting bigger and better–it’s called logic, my friends. Have you been seeing a lot of Hummers and SUVs out there on the road? You definitely have. If you want to outdo the big-car competition then you need to hop on the next trend of big vehicles: Buses. Giant converted buses will be the next wave of luxury vehicles. MCI coaches will replace sedans as being something classy to drive to the office. Just imagine the faces on all your co-workers when you roll up in that behemoth.

In five years–at most–every family in America will be driving Prevost and MCI coaches all over the place. Get a jump on it now before bus prices skyrocket. Nobody will ever suspect that their fancy Mustang will soon look ridiculous next to the mammoth buses filling up the freeways. My dream is to drive a big converted bus down the autobahn at a comfortable thirty miles per hour. Let’s show those European trend-setters who’s at the forefront of culture and intelligence now!

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