Monday, July 12, 2010

Reconstructing Accidents

Of course accident reconstruction services are used all the time when finding out what really happened in car accidents. But wouldn't that be a useful service for all kinds of accidents--what really happened to that vase? Did that guy really wax the car? You had an accident in your bed? These questions and more could be answered if only some kind of reconstruction service existed for family life.

Car accidents are pretty bad news, but most of us have very few of those in our lifetimes--at least very few of the kind that require hiring a company to rebuild the accident. The more practical use of the service would seem to be for everyday life. Parents are constantly trying to get the truth out of their children after some kind of accident. We could even get these accident reconstruction companies to be extra referees at sporting events. Perhaps the US wouldn't have gotten some of their goals taken away during The World Cup if the right kind of service had been available.

Accidents are part of everyday life, so shouldn't some kind of accident service be a part of our lives as well? Definitely. The infinite use of this service would change life forever in the home of the common family. The truth would come out much easier and with better results than by just using the honor system. This is just what the common homes of Middle America need--change homes from Utah, all the way to North Carolina.

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