Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am Really Going to do This

I am looking for a new place to live, and I realized that I am just fed up with all my options. I want a change of pace and something original--something that really tells people what an individual I am the moment they set foot into my home. The obvious solution: to live on a bus and be the happiest young man on the planet.

Residing on a giant converted bus would be like making it to Heaven, and finding out that Heaven is really great. I don't mean some little motorhome bus either, but the really big MCI coaches. A full-sized bus is probably bigger than my apartment anyway, plus it would move anywhere I want. Think even further down the road: someday we might all live on buses. We could take trips together and each bring our own house! I am loving how awesome this sounds.

Let's all start looking for cheap buses online right now. I heard there was a good Prevost sale going on–that would make a sweet home for sure. I can’t wait to get my huge converted bus and make it reflect me as a person. Just loving, driving, and living in my new bus. How has no one thought of this before? I never realized I had such profound ideas. You’re welcome.

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