Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tourist Real Estate

So there are exists a certain series of very popular books right now. I won’t say what the books are, but they have to do with dominating vampires and foolish teenagers. Trying to find any benefits that have come from these books is difficult, to say the least. However, when it comes to real estate the books have helped at least one or two areas of the country.

Sequim and Port Angeles are prominently featured in the books (and by prominently I mean mentioned) so much that they are now regular tourist spots for little girls without imaginations. This is tremendous news for real estate agents in the area, and for those who own real estate in the area. Selling property would be a great way to cash in on this fad--even owning something there is still be a great way to make money off of the tourists.

Don’t feel too bad about exploiting your real estate or the girls who love these books–they are just asking for it (maybe not the real estate). If there are any benefits that can be salvaged from the books it is this: make some money off of the fad please. That will at least teach the book lovers a lesson, as well make you some tangible currency. Win win. Kind of.

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