Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Don't Get me Started

Man, do you know what really bugs me? When industrial locations are unaware of different natural gas leaks that they might have. I mean seriously, like you guys can't afford some infrared gas detection--get real. I know that all that gas is pretty invisible, but you have got to be noticing drops in your core pressure. Who is monitoring your plant anyway? Probably some freeloader who is costing you a ton in industrial leakage every day because he lost his favorite Creedence tape.

Don't act like gas imaging isn't a big deal, because everyone knows that it is. Even if you are lucky enough to get that Creedence guy back at his station long enough to find out there is a leak, that doesn't mean you know where it is. Get on top of your fugitive emissions leak detection before you lose anymore cash through that hole in your pipe. You are losing money and killing birds at the same time--does that sounds like it's going to get you any good press? Yeah right: "Local business kills 1000 geese and then goes out of business." Good luck recovering from that.

Do your part foreperson and call in that aerial leak survey. Stop shooting gas into the face of everyone in your city and community. It isn't cool or nice, so good luck trying to convince anyone otherwise. With all the industrial accidents happening lately (OIL SPILL) you don't want to be lumped in with those guys as a smasher of the perfectly balanced ecosystems in your area. Have you still not gotten checked yet? I can't believe this. Get a leak survey!

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