Monday, July 12, 2010

Buck up, Germany

With Germany coming in third behind Pain and Netherlands at the World Cup this year, the country needs to shift its attention to more pleasant matters. The citizens should bring everyone’s moods up by getting married as much as possible--yes by getting married. What’s more fun than a wedding? Probably nothing. If Germans started having weddings all the time, everyone in the country would be much happier as a result–forget all about the World Cup, four titles is more than enough.

The easiest way to spread happy wedding feelings across the country is by using pictures. find the best German wedding photographer out there and have them document all of the weddings. With all the pictures in one place everyone else should easily find them. Maybe the government could even create some big exhibition to show them all off! Hearts would be warmed across, not only Germany and Europe, but possibly the whole world.

Wedding photographs make everyone smile, so it’s time we harnessed that power to actually make a mass amount of people happy. Germany is a country that has been through many sad times, and has also caused a lot of sad times. Clearly, it is time to let the healing begin and create a happier Germany–one full of sunshine and wedding dreams.

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