Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Business Leadership

If you didn't go to college but still want to be a rich businessperson, what help is out there for you? Well look no further than the experienced executive coach. Sure a college professor might have spent years working on their dissertation in business, and been published in their fields, but a corporate coach can tell you the secret to being successful--and in like one month, which is way faster than college. The choice is obvious.

You aren't struggling in business because you have bad ideas and no business sense--it's because you don't have the right leadership consultants! Force yourself into the already clogged pipes of the business world, and make your mark. Put all your trust into quick fixes that cost a lot--if they were bad services then they wouldn't be able to charge so much right? Of course not, because rich businesspeople never spend their money on things that are just for show.

So book you and your employees a a nice little corporate getaway where you can look forward to building up your team with some trust-falls and meditating. Your new executive coach will probably replace both your parents--that is how important they will become in your life. Be ready to have your life changed in the most amazing ways possible.

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