Thursday, July 22, 2010

Be really Careful all the Time

A few years ago, I pulled into my parents driveway for a visit. As I was pulling in I noticed that someone was trimming a tree in their yard. Just as I noticed the tree trimmer, a branch fell onto a telephone wire, he touched it, and died*; It was a strange morning. He was just performing a simple job--the tree did look pretty great--and I bet he wasn't expecting that.

For a long time after that I started noticing potential accidents all around me. If a person in something like tree service could kick the bucket without even trying, then anyone could. My eyes bugged out of my head every time I saw a car change lanes on the freeway, or a toddler awkwardly run. "You're kid is going to fall and hit their fontanel!" I would want to scream.

The tree service industry aged me a few years that day. With my family spread all over the country--parents in California, and sisters in Salt Lake City and Austin--My worry spread itself across the Midwest. I have calmed down a decent amount since The Day of The Trimming, but sometimes I still tense up when I hear an electrical buzz or see a guy in a tree. All I can do is try to relax and not die--pretty simple.

*For the record I am not allowed to lie on this blog, so know that this is a true story. Crazy.

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