Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Computer Roommate

How are people like computers? We all need to get repaired from time to time. That and we both get viruses.

A common theme in science fiction storytelling is that, one day, people and machines will merge into one form. Not only is that really gross, but ridiculous. I saw The Matrix--that movie was crazy awesome, but nowhere near reality. People and computers don't need to be one entity, because they are already joined in a relationship as a duo.

When I need some virus removal performed on me I take a nap for three days. When my computer needs it I buy a new one. Plus my laptop takes naps all day when I'm not home anyway. So if a human takes a nap when they have a virus, does that mean my sleepy computer has one as well? No way. Computers and laptops fake sick all the time. Maybe my laptop just wants to get repaired and that's why it sleeps so much. Maybe the repair shop is like a day spa to computers. They don't need actual repairs, just a little attention.

Hey computer, you get enough attention so stop sleeping, breaking, and getting viruses all the time. We are pretty good friends at this point, so I feel that a little honesty in our relationship is par for the course. Ok, ok. I will take you in for some laptop repair spa days if you stop sleeping when you're supposed to be downloading music and movies. You have your role and I have mine, just like any other symbiotic relationship on the planet. Well, pretty close to any other relationship on the planet. At least a few.

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