Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Business Card Extravaganza

The key to creating a successful business is by being specific. Even when things seem like they are not doing so well there is always a successful niche somewhere that can be found. To find these niches just take a look at some random cultural trends and take a few ideas from those. What do you notice--are there groups of people out there who seem to spend money on things no matter how poor they are?

Take, for example, the subculture of people who only wear vintage clothing from the 80′s and 90′s. Is it possible for this idea to be applied to the business world? Use vintage advertising! This mean business cards. Someone who is aware of hipster culture and tendencies would be thrilled to have a business card handed to them. They will remember how personal a well-designed business card is when they compare it to the anonymity that comes with using the internet.

Wake up the the personal aspect of business relations with the curve-ball that is a business card. When you get going, find a printer who can meet all the needs you have and start creating! “Vintage” doesn’t have to mean entirely old–just the idea of business cards is old, but keep the design modern and fresh. Get your business card out there to all the people who spend their money at expensive, hip clothing stores and watch them appreciate your effort at creating a hip business.

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