Tuesday, July 20, 2010

These Pipes Are Clean

Just the other week I was having some bowel issues. It was an unpleasant time, to say the least, so I will spare you of the unpleasant story. Just let it be known that I was the unhappiest of campers. However, as is obvious from my other blogs, it is just in my nature to look for the silver lining. The benefit from this event is perfectly clear: I am now aware that my apartment has excellent plumbing.

The happiness that I experienced as all my different plumbing systems worked together is unparalleled in my life. How much worse would that whole experience have been if my plumbing had been sub par? It’s actually something that I would rather not think about. It is enough to send up a silent prayer/blog post of thanks to whoever was looking out for my pipes during that troubled time in my life.

I have traveled all over this country–from New York to Sacramento, and I have always appreciated plumbing no matter the location. Out of all the luxuries that we have as a wealthy and modern society, one of the only ones that matters is our system of plumbing. That is really what separates people from animals: not a certain flare for consciousness or our gift for sarcasm, but the idea that we have gone through a lot of trouble in setting up a wonderful system of plumbing. The benefits of this system define our society as a whole.

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