Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nice Try, Atlas

There was a time when people believed that it was Atlas who held up the Earth so it wouldn't roll around, but how good of a job was he really doing? The Earth is tilted! Think about your house; If the foundation of your house is off by only a few inches it can crack your walls, and eventually cause your house to fall over and crumble. Are you serious, Atlas–do you want the Earth fall over? Of course not.

Atlas should find himself a helical pier system–something that a construction company uses to level a house. That way he could lift the planet the way foundation repair companies lift up houses. If a residence gets lifted and leveled the cracks can realign and become completely sealed again. That is impressive--somebody go tell Atlas.

Having lived around Encino and Los Angeles for big chunk of my life, I have seen my share of houses that look like they are about to fall over and turn into dust. Even if you are only a little concerned about the foundation of your house, then you still need to get it checked out. Every seriously bad problem that can arise in your home starts in the foundation. Take care of your foundation and the rest of your house will be safer as well. Don’t let your house be like lazy Atlas the tilted Earth.

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