Thursday, July 29, 2010

I am an old Soul

As a person in my mid-twenties, I sometimes feel like I am ready for assisted living. Don't misunderstand me--I am perfectly healthy and even work (oh, right now?), but that doesn't mean I should have to wait to enjoy the fruits of senior living. Retirement is something that I think I could really benefit from.

I am already pretty good at relaxing, which is a key feature when it comes to being a successfully retired individual. But the real question is this: Could I relax for the rest of my life? It would be tough, but I could probably handle it. The house I live in right now has two cats in it; which is just another item that brings me one step closer to being ready for a move into some senior housing.

Maybe I will retire to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to be closer to the Martin family, or maybe I will just stay exactly where I am like an old person who fears change. Perfect. The key to a successful retirement plan is practice and preparedness. Don't just jump in and assume that you will be all about old life right away. For some, the transition can be a rough one, so be ready at least a few decades early.

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