Thursday, July 8, 2010

Smart Summer Camping

What are two great things that need to be put together? The answer to that is obviously summer camp and the study of the English language. Hiking and reading, horses and grammar, canoeing and verbs!? sounds like the greatest thing to ever happen to humankind. Yes, English summer camps are popping up all over the place, and the world couldn't be happier about it. Finally there is a way to be outside and get smarter at the same time.

ESL summer camps provide the tools necessary to master English as a second language. They have everything someone would need to, not only learn a second language, but to have fun at the same time. That is the key to these camps: having fun and learning at the same time. Though this is the goal of nearly every classroom, therein lies the problem: no one ever has fun inside of a classroom. It is isn't just fun being outside, it's also relaxing and natural. This creates the perfect environment for learning and study.

If you have ever thought about brushing up on your English but hate to study, then this is the place for you. Even if you speak English but love the outdoors, this is probably the place for you. Who doesn't love mixing studying with pleasure? Literally no one. Ever. So go camp, go learn English, and have the best time of your entire life.

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