Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bus Driver Man

School bus drivers definitely have it rough. Think about how awful it is to drive around with some kids in the back seat of your car; those kids can drive you crazy. Now pretend your car is huge, hard to drive, and every kid within ten blocks is in it. The world seriously owes a large debt to the school bus driver, and there is one great way we can all benefit.

The city should obviously start buying super fancy buses for schools and drivers. Big MCI Coaches, converted buses, and touring buses would make everything much better. The drivers would have a nicer vehicle to scoot around in, and the kids might calm down after being in such a comfy bus. People might even consider buying them for their family when they have a trip coming up.

So please, don’t let things like a Prevost sale–a fantastic line of buses–pass you by. Think of those sad drivers in need of fancy converted buses. Think of your kids, who needs comfier seats to sit on. But mostly, think of yourself and how great you’ll feel if you do something nice for someone else. March into City Hall and demand that the city take better care of its bus drivers.

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