Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Broken Business? Find Yourself a Broker

Not everyone is cut out for the business world. This is definitely a subject dear to my heart because I am not cut out for the business world--at all. Yet, there are handful of people from this group who believe that they can still start a successful business. The thing we need to realize is this: maybe we can get lucky enough to get the ball rolling on a business going, but at some point our lack of business savvy will send that company south.

How can we, as poor businessmen, capitalize on this accident? Say it with me please: “Sell my business.” Correct, if you somehow manage to get a somewhat successful company going, there are people out there who will buy it, allowing you to turn a decent profit. Since I have already established that this post is aimed at those who lack a certain corporate intellect, some outside help will need to be called in for this process.

Business brokers can be a lifesaver at a time like this. They can find out what your business is worth, and then market to all the right people. Don’t be afraid to not only get rid of your business, but to hire the right help to do it.

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