Friday, July 16, 2010

Fake Guns that Are also Real Guns

Grocery stores have a hard time with security. Whether it is basic shoplifting or a robbery, these places need a better defense plan. The perfect idea would involve something dangerous that acts as a deterrent, but is also hidden enough that people might not know when to be on their guard.

Think about: there are already guns all over grocery stores. Price guns like the Monarch 1110 and the Garvey price gun, are in the hands of at least a few clerks at any given time. These harmless price guns need to be made into real guns--that's right. Now if someone strolls into a store and asks for all the money, the employees don't even have to reach for guns--they will already have a deadly price gun trained on the thief.

The best part is that no one will ever know if they are looking at a regular price gun, like the Monarch 1131, or at a new, terrifying price gun Beretta. Walking through a store and noticing all the employees who have potential guns in their hands would deter even the most bold would-be robbers. I give this idea to world freely; someone create this multi-use weapon and enjoy your millions of dollars.

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