Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Return of Randy

At the behest of Betty--and the luck of the draw with keywords--here is another post about Randy, the florist and delivery boy.

A few weeks ago I played on the radio with a musical group. Randy, being the good friend that he is, wanted to listen to us play even though he had to work. The radio in his flower van didn't work, so he had listen to the broadcast using a fancy internet phone. At one point, he walked up to a door with some flowers in one hand, his phone playing my band in the other, and delivered the bouquet to, what can only be described as, a pretty confused woman.

You think this post is about flowers and florists? No way--it's about friendship. A florist might deliver joy all the way from Sacramento to Oklahoma City, but a true friend risks losing their job to hear you do something that have heard you do a thousand times before. Give me that over some flowers any day.

For the record, Randy did not lose his job with the florist and is currently still delivering flowers to those who need attention and reminders of attention. Hopefully one day he will show up on your porch with some flowers and strange music coming from the hand behind his back.

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