Friday, July 16, 2010

"I Am the King of this Land"

There is a price gun out there in the world called The Monarch 1110 (there is also The Monarch 1131, but let's just focus on one at time). Why would someone attach the word "monarch" to something like a pricing gun? The answer is obviously to give the clerk using the machine a sense of power and purpose. What a great way to make an employee love their job.

Just imagine some clerk walking sadly into work at six AM, tired of a job that offers no real satisfaction to a creative human being. "What's this?" they ask as they come out of the break room and see the brand new Monarch and its labels. Understanding crosses the face of the clerk and their purpose in life is finally clear: "I control the prices in this store, thus, I am the King of this land that is the soup aisle."

They will walk around the store, happily pricing items that will benefit the consumers--or townspeople. The name "Monarch" will remind them of the power they have, and how this one little action effects so many different people every single day. Enjoy your fulfilling life, grocery clerk, and give us some great deals while you're at it.

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