Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gravity Always Wins

Finding the right plastic surgeon is a decision that we all have to make. Oh, you don't think you'll ever need plastic surgery? Well tell that to your friends and co-workers who need you to keep being attractive. Don't let age sneak up on you and take all the joy out of your life.

So if you want to stay young and beautiful, finding the perfect plastic surgeon might be the most important decision you will ever make. You don not want some doctor who will make you look like a monster; you want someone who will freeze and inflame your lips while making your eyes twice as wide as normal. You will be more beautiful than nature ever intended.

Not only will you get to keep all your friends, but then you will probably make tons of new friends--even more attractive then all of your old friends. You might even end up ditching your old life in Farmington Hills for a new one in Beverly Hills. These new beautiful friends will require you to look better, meaning that your surgeon will need to be called up again. Hopefully you found a good one so they can help you once a month when you need those touch-ups and tuck-ins. This is the world we live in.

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