Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cater Hard

I'll be honest, catering seems like it would be a pretty cool job. I'm sure certain aspects of the job would get monotonous and boring, but... there is food everywhere. Having a job where you could easily sneak food, be in a new location, and make jokes about rich people sounds awesome.

I have a friend in the catering business, Ben Best, and he once related a story to me where he made Italian sodas for people all night. He also said that he drank at least seven of them, and was in the best mood all night. Sounds like a good life. If Ben could sneak that many drinks, I could easily sneak a full meal into my tummy every time I worked.

If the show Party Down has taught me anything, it's that catering allows for only 10% work at a job. The other 90% is for eating, joking, meeting cool babes/dudes, and trying to become a famous actor. Even if you are from the little town of Mequon, moving to Hollywood to become an actor and caterer is probably your best bet. That way you can meet famous people, and still get all the free food you need--it's a perfect life.

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