Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What makes a Doctor a Doctor?

A plastic surgeon is a rare kind of doctor indeed. It takes someone special to spend the majority of their twenties in medical school, only to later decide that they don't really want to heal people anymore. They have taken all the knowledge they have learned about keeping people alive, cutting them open safely, and how to aid in recovery and decided that they don't like the pressure of having to keep people alive.

Plastic surgeons can still do some good though; what about burn victims, or other patients who need reconstructive surgery? A plastic surgeon could totally help you with that! If you have five thousand dollars or so. Great. Well maybe if you have burn scars but also need larger breasts you can get a better deal or something.

So if you just got out of medical school, and don't feel like going through all those years of training in a hospital and helping people, then maybe you should head out to Beverly Hills with the other surgeons. Plastic surgery is a part of our everyday life now, so just go get something done. Picking something at random and have it made bigger, tighter, or younger--just think of how much more confidence you will have once other people like to look at you.

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